Ryorido has been producing organic amazake in the traditional Japanese style since 1981.

Cooked rice, millet or oat is mixed with rice koji. In the following process the grain starch is converted into long- and short-chain sugars.
The result is a delicious sweet cream, which is put into jars. At the end of the process it still contains all the minerals, fibres, fats and proteins from the grain.

This gives Amazake Basic Desserts a soft, full, creamy sweet taste and is the sweet secret of amazake.


Rice koji is steamed rice that is mixed with the spores of the A.oryzea culture. The right amount of heat, oxygen and moisture promotes the growth of the micro-organisms (this process is more or less identical to tempeh production).
The cultivation of enzymes in this process is the secret of hand-crafted amazake production and the result of many years of skill and experience.