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T H  E   S W E E T   J A P A N E S E    D E L I C A C Y

D E L I C I O U S,   L I G H T   A N D   E A S Y


  • An amazing light and creamy sweet dessert made from rice, millet or oat

  • Use straight out of the jar as a pudding or topping on fruits, cakes, pancakes, etc.

  • Makes delicious sugar-free desserts, puddings, dressings, shakes and sorbets, cakes and muffins, pies and pastries

  • Easy haute de cuisine in your natural kitchen!

  • Amazake Basic Dessert is produced according to the traditional Japanese method which involves converting organic wholegrain cereals into simpler natural sugars.

  • Amazake Basic Dessert does not contain added sugar, dairy products, preservatives, colouring agents, cholesterol or *gluten, is 100% organic and veganistic
         * except for Amazake Basic Dessert Oat